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Spray Tanning While Undergoing Chemotherapy

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February 20th, 2013 by Adore

Anyone unfortunately suffering from cancer usually becomes pale due to the weight loss and medications. Chemotherapy also causes the skin to appear dull as the cancer treatment releases chemicals into the body to kill cancer cells, but in the process, it also kills the good cells in the body. With the dehydration and weakness, spray tanning will add some colour to this pale skin and raise your clients’ spirits! Spray tanning while undergoing chemotherapy is also safe for a client unless their drugs and medications are not causing any skin irritations.

Organic spray tan is a safe choice for clients undergoing chemotherapy. Choosing natural and organic products will not interfere with the medications your clients may be taking. There are certain chemicals in spray tanning which may be harmful for them. However, there are some chemicals in normal spray tanning which are safe. One of these chemicals is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which changes the colour of the skin. This chemical only reacts with the upper layer of the skin and only with the dead skin cells, which means the colour sloughs off after a few days when the dead skin cells wear off. Another chemical used is erythrulose, which works in similar manner as DHA. This chemical is also not harmful for clients undergoing chemotherapy as it does not penetrate lower than the top layer of the skin.

The side effects of chemotherapy include dry skin and sensitivity to sun exposure. The skin becomes hypersensitive to several chemicals and to sunlight during this time, so organic spray tans are best for clients who have cancer. Although spray tanning is safe, if the clients’ skin is too sensitive and getting irritated after you have sprayed on a small test patch, its best to apply an organic spray tan lotion instead. Bronzing powders and bronzing lotions can also be applied, as they are safe to use.

Although spray tanning is an option for most clients, it is important for them to check with their doctor before their spray tanning session. The chemicals of the spray tan may be too harsh for those clients whose chemotherapy is leading to skin irritation.

With the flushing of the skin caused by chemotherapy, the safest and best way to add some bronzed tone to your client’s skin is with an organic spray tan. The natural ingredients added to organic spray tan products will not create a harmful chemical reaction with the amino acids of the upper layer of the skin. No chemical in these products are harmful and they are not absorbed below the upper layer of the skin.