Celebrity Beauty Secrets


January 11th, 2012 by Adore

When someone says “celebrity”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Most of us associate stars with beauty, style and fashion, and people are often left wondering how on earth celebrities get their incredible looks, given they are just humans like the rest of us.  Truth is, they take pride and care in their appearance and it pays off!  So how can we do the same? Here are some of the most incredible beauty secrets you’ll find, having come directly from Hollywood’s best celebrities!

  • Julia Roberts believes that you shouldn’t need thousands of dollars to follow the same beauty tips as celebrities. Some olive oil applied to your skin can do wonders, especially during the harsh winter season.
  • Demi Moore has one of the most simple beauty secrets, insisting that moisturising your skin daily is essential for maintaining a young appearance. She believes that the face is particularly important in order to continue looking young and fresh without makeup.
  • Nicole Kidman claims sun cream as the most vital tip in order to avoid sun damage and early signs of aging!
  • Victoria Roswell’s beauty tips include monthly facials and regular steam saunas, both helping to cleanse your pores and refresh your skin.
  • Kristen Bell has one tip: to smile! If you feel good on the inside you will look good on the outside.
  • Kate Moss believes that the face is a particularly important aspect of looking your best. Therefore, ensuring that your facial skin looks fresh is critical! She suggests that you can tighten your pores and refresh your face using ice.
  • Grace Kelly has one beauty tip; to get some good sleep. Having the right amount of sleep will invigorate your body, allow damaged tissues and cells to repair and prevent your face from looking worn and tired.

Depending on who you’re speaking to, beauty tips will always be different! These tips should help to get you started; however it’s wise to remember that you can always adapt other people’s advice to create your own beauty secrets! Try to get in touch with your own body, working out what works best for you. Either way, we hope you have enjoyed these beauty tips and that they can help to boost your confidence. Our favourite tip of all is definitely Kristen Bell’s – learn to smile and love yourself!