Essential Spray Tan Supplies


February 10th, 2012 by Adore

If you love spray tanning, there are a few essentials that can help to make your life much easier. Sharing tips is the best way to perfect the art of spray tanning, so we thought we’d make a list of our favourite spray tanning supplies to help you out. We’ve split our list into those that are useful for before tanning and those that are best for after.

Before Tanning
In order to get the most out of your spray tans it is important to prepare your skin. There are a few supplies that can help to make this easier:

  • Exfoliating glove or scrub.  There are a few things to remember when purchasing your exfoliating supplies.  If you prefer a glove, make sure you use it with a natural, oil free soap.  If you are using an exfoliating scrub, be sure to purchase one with active enzymes rather than harsh exfoliating beads.  Many of the harsh scrubs include oils to replenish the skin, which can stop your tan from being properly absorbed.
  • Highly nourishing moisturiser. In order for your skin to absorb the tan evenly, it is important that it is well hydrated.  A high quality moisturiser, preferably one designed for spray tanning, is one of the most essential spray tanning supplies.
  • Dark, loose-fitted tanning outfit.  The last thing you want to do after you’ve paid for a spray tan is to ruin it with tight clothing.  In order to make your life easier, why not get organised and have a few tanning outfits in your wardrobe? Purchase some loose clothing that you can use each time you’re getting a tan.
  • Barrier cream. Before you set off to the spray tan clinic, make sure you have your barrier cream in your handbag.  Often salons will supply you with this, but in case that they don’t, you definitely want to have your own on standby.  You can use this when you tan at home, so it’s never a waste to own some of this miracle cream. Just before they start spraying you, place some on your hands feet, knees and other dry areas to avoid them from turning too dark.

After Tanning
Since we all love having a summer glow, the last thing we want is for our spray tan to wear off quickly.  This is why we need to have the right spray tanning supplies ready for after we get a spray tan.  It’s also ideal if our spray tan appears to be natural, so we’ve included some supplies that can help your tan wear off evenly without any obvious blotches.

  • Tan Extender. These can be purchased from most tanning clinics and also from some pharmacies.  A tan extender will help to keep your skin hydrated, while also extending the life of your tan.  Once you’ve gone to the trouble of tanning, why not make it last? That’s why we recommend this as one of the most valuable spray tanning supplies!
  • Hazel Witch.  This can be purchased from most pharmacies, and can be used to remove small blotches or patches of tan. Towards the end of the life of your spray tan, this is an invaluable tanning supply!
  • Exfoliating glove or scrub. As your tan begins to fade, your exfoliating supplies will become extremely useful again. Remove any evidence of your past tan and prepare your skin for round two!

With this list of spray tanning supplies, you can get the most out of your spray tan every time. So if you’re a regular spray tanner, it’s time to stock your cupboard with our list of essentials!