Funniest Spray Tanning Stories


May 18th, 2012 by Adore

Achieving beautifully bronzed skin with a spray tan is a fabulous way to achieve a healthy looking tan all year round. There are however the occasional instances when a tan can go wrong and the stories can be quite hilarious! Recently we asked our Facebook fans to tell us their funniest tanning story for the chance to win a Norvell Tanning Pack. As you can imagine, we received some incredible stories and had a wonderful time reading them all. That’s why, after much amusement we have decided to share the Top 5 spray tan stories with you!

  1. Dafni C: “I was getting a spray tan for a wedding. I wanted to be BLACK, so I chose the extra dark solution. The lady started spraying me and as she was doing my legs she suddenly looked puzzled and said ‘for some reason, your legs aren’t absorbing the tan from your knees down”. I look down and in horror it literally looked like my tan stopped at my knees!!!!!!!! After 10 mins of wondering why it wasn’t absorbing, it clicked – I HAD JUST COME FROM HAVING A DELUXE PEDICURE AND MY LEGS HAD BEEN INTENSIVELY MOISTURISED! Sexy tanned legs?…. FAIL!”
  2. Ally M (the winner): “I got a spray tan on a Friday for a party I was going to on Saturday where I had planned to wear a mini dress. I had dance training Friday night and went to the toilet that smelt very clean. It wasn’t till I got off and realised it was bleach on the toilet seat and that it had bleached a big white toilet bowl line on the back of my legs!! I was mortified but at the same time thought it was hilarious! Nothing a bit of instant tan couldn’t cover, but I did make sure I wore a longer dress.”
  3. Jeanette M: “My friend and I both got our first spray tan at 17 for our year 12 formal. We were both really excited as our parents hadn’t allowed us to have one before. After we had our spray tans done we thought we would let down the roof in my convertible on the way home. We were one street away when this huge gush of rain came over us out of NOWHERE! I stopped immediately on the side of the road and pushed the button to re-tract the roof as we were both screaming. It felt like the roof was taking especially long to come back up! When we got home we tried to fix up the huge white dots the rain had caused. Unfortunately that wasn’t so easy and we ended up going to our Yr 12 formal with white dots on our skin. Luckily we can laugh about it now.”
  4. Lisa F: “My sister in law was putting on self tan and I was holding her one year old. Suddenly Laney squirmed out of my lap and ran over to Carly (her mother). Laney put her hands all over the back of Carly’s legs, so when the tan set Carly had lovely little white handprints in her skin on the back of her legs.”
  5. Tiffany D: “My tan was perfect but I realised that I drool in my sleep”

So there you have our top 5 picks from the funny tanning stories that were entered in our competition. We hope you’ve enjoyed having a laugh! And perhaps you’ve learnt a few lessons about what-not-to-do when tanning! Don’t be afraid, these stories are rare and having a spray tan is still the quickest and healthiest way to achieve a natural looking glow!