Get that Perfect Bronzed Look


December 26th, 2011 by Adore

Wearing dresses in summer is the best time to show off a sun-kissed tan. But given that many of us aren’t blessed with naturally golden complexions, using fake tan can be a great way to achieve this tan! The most considerable benefit of using fake tan is that it saves your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. There are a variety of self-tanning lotions on the market, allowing you to apply your tan at home. In fact we are incredibly lucky that we can now have a tan all year round, even in the middle of winter!So if you’re interested in trying out fake tan, then here are a few simple steps to help you achieve the best bronze tanning results possible.

#1: Preparing Your Skin

  • Before your tanning session you should be aware of your skin type given that tanning solutions will work differently on various people’s skin.  For instance the DHA in self-tanners is absorbed more quickly by dry skins, so you will need to ensure you apply extra moisturiser if your skin tends to dry out quickly.
  • Before your bronze tanning session, it is important to exfoliate your skin.  This will help to remove dry skin cells from the upper layer of skin, leaving a smoother layer. This is critical if you would like your tan to apply as evenly as possible.
  • Regardless of whether you have dry skin, everyone should moisturise their skin before tanning. Without this step, the skin is likely to absorb your tanning solution unevenly. It’s also important to use a moisturiser that isn’t greasy, but instead contains naturally rich oils. Apply this all over your body, rubbing extra amounts into your elbows, knees and other particularly dry regions.

#2: Applying The Fake Tan Product

  • Once you have prepared your skin, you’ll need to decide which bronze tanning product you would like to apply. Are you going to visit a salon for a professional spray tan, or are you going to apply a tanning lotion at home. There are advantages to each of these methods – if you apply at home it can save you money, however if you have a salon spray the end result may be better. This decision is up to your judgment!
  • If you decide to apply your tan at home, make sure that you apply the bronze tanning solution evenly over your body in circular motions. You can use gloves to avoid dying your hands, applying tan to the back of your hands at the end of the process.  Also remember that the best way to achieve a tan at home is to slowly build up your tan. This will help you to avoid going too dark too quickly.
  • If you decide to have a salon spray most of the difficult work is up to the professional spray tanner, however once you go home looking after the tan is up to you! Remember to shower after about 8-hours, using a mild soap and avoiding hot water. After your shower, it is best to pat yourself dry carefully, to avoid losing any of your tan.

#3: The Final Bronze Makeup Touch

  • This is the final of our bronze tanning tips. We all know that well applied bronzer can be the final touch to achieving a perfect summer glow, however when it’s poorly applied it can look terrible. Make sure you get your bronzer right by taking it slowly and following these simple tips.
  • Clean your skin well before moisturising. It is important to wash your face thoroughly, removing any dirt or previous makeup. We recommend cleansing twice before you dry and moisturise your face.
  • Apply foundation evenly over your face, placing concealer on troubled areas such as blemishes and dark eye bags. Do not be tempted to use too much foundation or concealer, as this can give you a dirty and unkempt look.
  • Apply your bronze tanning face powder carefully and evenly over your face. Use circular motions starting from your forehead and moving down to your cheeks and chin. Apply slightly more bronzer to your cheek bones, however be careful that you don’t over apply!

We hope that these bronze tanning tips help you to achieve your perfect summer glow! Remember, spray tanning allows you to be tanned all year round while saving your skin from the sun. So there’s only one way that you should get your bronze tan, and that’s with fake tan!