How to Spray Tan


September 12th, 2012 by Adore

Since it’s now well-known that tanning in the sun is unsafe, lots of people have decided to take up sunless tanning! Not only is sunless tanning the quickest and easiest way to get a tan, but it also saves your skin from the harm of the sun’s UV rays. Spray tanning is a simple and harmless way to create a sun-kissed glow at any time of the year. When applied correctly, a sunless tan will look entirely natural, so nobody will ever know that it’s not real. You can easily learn how to spray tan by following these simple and easy steps:

  1. The day before spray tanning, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin all over while you are in the shower. This helps to remove any dead skin cells so that the spray tan can penetrate the healthy skin cells evenly and with ease.  If you wish to shave your legs or any other areas, it’s also best to do this the day before, as shaving or waxing afterwards will only ruin the tan. Once you have exfoliated and shaved, be sure to apply a nice, rich moisturiser to prepare your skin for the spray tan.
  2. On the day of the spray tan, have a warm shower and be sure to wash off any make-up, perfumes, creams or other products.  Make sure that your skin is a clean slate before you start spraying it.
  3. The only areas that you want to moisturise before the spray tan, are particularly dry regions such as the elbows and knees. Apply a small amount of moisturiser or barrier cream to stop these areas becoming particularly dark from the spray tan.
  4. You are almost ready to start tanning however there is one more thing. Place on a pair of latex gloves beforehand to ensure that your palms don’t turn too dark.
  5. To successfully learn how to spray tan, you need to know which order to spray your body in. The first areas to spray are the legs, working your way up from the ankles to your thighs. Spray a steady stream of mist beginning from the lower leg and continuing around it in a circular motion until you reach the thighs. Keep the pressure from the nozzle stead so each area is covered in equal amount of spray tan.
  6. The next area to spray are the feet, but be sure to do a very light coat. You can always add more tan if you need to!
  7. Next you can start tanning your arms. Before you do this it’s best to remove the gloves so that you don’t get a line. Apply some moisturiser to the palms so that they don’t absorb too much colour. Remember to be careful of the knuckles and cuticles, as they can absorb lots of colour too!
  8. It’s now time to move onto the stomach, chest and shoulders, and lastly up to the face. Of course it’s best to apply a light coat to the face at first, as you can always apply more later if you’d like.
  9. If there is someone at home, this is the easiest way to finish your spray tan with your back. Spraying your back can be extremely tricky and it’s hard to get it even, so we highly recommend asking a friend or family member.
  10. Last but not least, remember to give yourself some time to dry before getting dresses into loose clothing. Follow the instructions on the spray tan solution that you are using as a guide for how long to wait before you shower.

So there you have our 10 quick and easy steps for how to spray tan yourself at home. People assume that learning how to spray tan is going to be extremely tricky, however as you can see, it’s actually very achievable. So save your skin from the sun this summer and learn how to spray tan yourself at home. Your skin and health will be forever grateful!