Learning From Our Mistakes


January 16th, 2012 by Adore

Ever had a big tanning disaster? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Even tanning experts have often had a disaster back in their early days. Although they’re stressful at the time, tanning-gone-wrong stories can be hilarious to look back on. That’s why we decided to hold a competition last year, asking our Facebook fans to tell us about their biggest tanning disaster. Here is a hand-picked bunch of stories that we thought you may enjoy reading. Not only are they humorous, but you can also take note of what not to do!

  • Natasha S: “Getting my fiancée who is the blockiest bloke ever to spray tan me because I had a wedding in two days. Ended up looking like an orange zebra! Needless to say I ended up soaking in lemons (a trick I learned from Adore Tanning’s facebook page).”
  • Rhonda V: “My girlfriend and I in our wisdom decided to do our own tanning, the only difference was we used a very large compressor from her husband’s shed, wow, nearly blew us out of the shed, felt like a paintball hitting you!”
  • Kate F: “My biggest ever tanning disaster happened last year. It was a really hot night and I had a spray tan just before bed. Forgetting I had the tan on I fell asleep lying on my boyfriend. The next day I woke up and the tan from one half of my body had transferred onto my boyfriend. Luckily my spray tan technician was able to even mine out but my boyfriend refused to come and spent the next few days half tanned.”
  • Vanessa H: “I decided to soak my clothes in bleach and forgot that I had just applied fake tan. I then ended up with half my arms tanned with the other half of my arms completely white. I ended up wearing a long sleeve top to cover them. So sad!”
  • Brodee R: “I’ve been tanning for 7yrs and whenever I’m asked what colour I want to be, without thinking I always say “black”. Once my sister & I went to a salon and asked to be “BLACK” and the lady told us her secret formula tan was made with charcoal to give u that extra darkness. We walked out of there like we’d been in a house fire and covered in soot! Worst tan ever!”
  • Mollie M: “3 years ago for my formal I decided to tan myself with le tan deep bronze but 3 layers turned EVEYTHING BRIGHT ORANGE! So I took the kitchen scourer and scrubbed my hands and feet but stopped when I saw blood! All I did was cry but I had to go to the hairdressers to get my hair done and the girl there offered to fix my tan! She used a purple based tan and my arm pits went green!!! And the colour on my hands didn’t match the rest of me! So then she started to do my hair and my hair was so blonde it turned blue from the shampoo! So I had orange skin, purple feet and arms, scratched bloody hands, blue hair, green arm pits… And the worst bit was that my dress was strapless and ORANGE.”

Thank you to everyone who entered their stories!  They gave us great enjoyment and we can certainly learn a thing or two about what not to do.  To leave you on a good note, we thought we’d share one last response that we simply loved – Melissa D’s entry “My biggest tanning disaster is not having one on at all”.