Natural Fake Tan Tips


October 28th, 2011 by Adore

If you’re opting for the sunless option to get your summer glow, then you’re off to the right start!  Your skin and health will be the first to thank you. However while a fake tan is the best option for your body, it’s also important to maintain a natural appearance.

How do you get a natural fake tan?  The most important tip is to have healthy skin! So how can we maintain healthy skin? The answer is all too simple:

  • Exfoliate prior to applying your fake tan. Lather on the moisturiser both before and after your fake tan. Silky smooth skin is critical to achieve an even and natural fake tan.
  • For healthy skin, sleep is a mandate! Lack of sleep yields a washed out skin colouring, which is far from the golden glow you’re in search of. Your skin, and body, needs a consistent, seven hour sleep schedule per night.
  • Strap on your exercise sneakers prior to applying your fake tan. Your skin benefits greatly from some cardio exercise, as sweating will help to renew your skin cells but also to improve your body’s circulation.

A real tan is never orange. Your fake tan should not be either.

  • Begin with a gradual tan and work your way up. For those with naturally pale skin tones, steer clear of “dark” or “deep” tan products until you have built up your tan to a darker level.
  • Achieve a natural fake tan by gradually applying the product every two to three days. You need to allow the fake tan to slowly blend into your skin in order to yield a natural, even look.

An important tip to remember is that you should never be in a rush! Patience is a necessity when applying your fake tan. Rub the product into your skin using slow, upwards circular motions with the tips of your fingers.

When it comes to your face, use a fake tanning product designed specifically for facial application. Facial tanners are less intense, leaving your face with a natural looking tan that resembles a sun-kissed summer glow.

So for all the fake tanners out there, it’s time to get to work and test out our tips on your skin!