Spray Tanning for First-Timers


July 20th, 2011 by Adore

Are you a spray tanning virgin? No worries, we’ve all been there before! We’ve got all the tips to make your first experience as smooth as possible.

Prep tips:

  • If you are looking to get a spray tan for a specific event, it’s recommended that you visit the salon no less than a day before.
  • Come in with clean skin: Waxing and shaving should be done prior to your salon visit. Go in au-natural: no deodorant or lotion. If you haven’t done so already, you can take off your makeup once you arrive.
  • Bring dark, loose and preferably old clothes with you to change into for after your spray tanning session.
  • You’ve got at least an 8 hour ban shower ban, although 12 hours is preferable. Bring an umbrella if the weather takes a turn for the wet. And no sweating. Gym is off your to-do-list for today!

You’re there. Ah… so now what?

  • So it’s your choice: tan lines or no tan lines. You have the choice between a spray tanning in the nude or in panties. Choose whatever you feel most comfortable with.
  • The salon technician will guide you on how to position your body. Just go with it.
  • The spray tan will feel like a smooth mist. You’ll find that the spray, in fact, emits no smell.
  • You will see your skin’s colour change as the spray tan is applied. This is actually the “colour guide” which shows the technician where they have already applied the product. The real self tan is working behind the scenes, and takes 24 hours to fully develop.
  • You may notice a slight sticky feeling once you’ve been sprayed. You’re feeling the aloe vera gel from the spray tan. Don’t fret, the stickiness disappears after about an hour.

Post spray tan tips:

  • When that lovely 12 hour stint comes to an end, hop in the shower to rinse off. A tea- like colour will most likely rinse off your skin. It’s your colour guide, not your tan!
  • Your tan will appear more natural following your shower. If an area looks uneven, blending it in with your fingers will do the trick!
  • Your spray tan should last around a week. Moisturise well to keep your skin and tan from flaking.