Summer Tan Dos and Don’ts


January 25th, 2012 by Adore

Everyone wants to age well and look young for longer! Yet when summertime hits, most people pop on their bikinis and sun bake without protection!  Everyone knows that a smooth summer tan can help us to look healthy and radiant, but this doesn’t need to be achieved from the sun’s UV rays! In fact, baking your skin in the sun will only give you dry and wrinkly skin in the long term. Here is our list of dos and don’ts for those who wish to take care of their skin all year round.

Tanning Dos

  • Be sensible about the time you spend in the sun!  We’re not suggesting that you hibernate – everyone enjoys time outdoors! In fact the Vitamin D that we absorb from the sun is critical for strong bones, muscles and overall health. What we do suggest is wearing sun protective clothing, sunscreen and limiting the hours you spend in the sun.  The morning and afternoon are far safer than the middle of the day.
  • Get a safe tan! Don’t try and get your bronzed summer tan from the sun’s UV rays, it will only damage your skin’s health. Instead opt for spray tans and tanning lotions, which will still give you a glorious glow without the negative side effects.  With sunless tanning methods you can say goodbye to wrinkles, freckles and sun spots!
  • Take care of your skin! Whether you have spent time in the sun or not, your skin is likely to dry out in certain seasons.  Make sure you exfoliate your body all over and apply a rich moisturiser regularly. This will help to maintain your summer tan while also keeping your skin young and healthy.

Tanning Don’ts

  • Do not be tempted to use tanning beds!  Although tanning beds are a quick fix for getting a tan, studies show that they are extremely dangerous. Instead, why not get a spray tan? You can have a rich, deep tan in just 8 hours and the best part is – it’s a safe tan!
  • Do not rush the tanning process. If you decide to get some natural sun rays, make sure you build your tan slowly. Rushing out on the first sunny day to lie in the sun for hours is the easiest way to get serious burns.  Tanning for 20 to 30 minutes before 11am or after 3pm is plenty of time in the sun in one day.  Make sure you always wear sunscreen – you will still get a tan, it will just be a safe tan!

With this list of summer dos and don’ts, there is no reason to get burnt this summer! With spray tanning, you can have everything you could ever want.  Not only can you have a gorgeous glowing summer tan, but you can have it in 8hours and without any damaging side effects. So if you want to age as well as Elle Macpherson, be sure to choose the safe tan from now on!