Tanning Salon Buying Guide


April 12th, 2012 by Adore

With everyone going gaga over spray tanning, there is no doubt that a spray tanning salon can be your key to fortune!  But if you’re thinking about opening your own salon, you must prepare by getting all the necessary spray tanning supplies! If you’re not sure where to start, then let us lend you a hand and show you all the things that your salon must have.

The first things that you need to purchase are tools to apply your client’s spray tans. The most important spray tan equipment includes:

  1. Spray tan system: the perfect spray tan system is one that can hold enough solution while still ensuring portability and efficiency. Look for one that doesn’t only have a slick design but also ensures even spray application.
  2. Filter or extraction unit: overspray can be suffocating for both technicians and the customers, so a filter or extraction unit is a must for your spray tanning supplies.
  3. Pop-up portable enclosure: these help to enclose the spray stopping tan from going all over the room and walls. Enclosures are a great help to keep your tanning salon spotless!


When it comes to professional spray tanning, it’s important that you have all the accessories that your clients will need. These include the following spray tanning supplies:

  1. Hair cap: clients want their skin dyed, not their hair. That is why you must always have tight, clean hair caps ready for their use.
  2. Disposable underwear: for clients who don’t want to be entirely naked, disposable underwear is a great accessory, helping to save their own lingerie!
  3. Clean Feet Protectors: while clients want an envy-inducing tan, they most surely do not want brown and dirty-looking soles. To keep their feet clean throughout the application, ensure you provide them with feet protectors.


Solutions and Creams
No spray tanning salon is truly prepared unless their solutions and creams are fully stocked! These are an essential component of a salon’s spray tanning supplies! You will need to make sure you have the following at all times:

  1. Spray tan solutions: there are several types of tan varying by shade and ingredients.  Make sure your tanning salon always has an array of colours and solutions for different skin types.
  2. Barrier cream: this is used to protect the palms, eyebrows, soles, and other areas that you don’t want to tan.  Make sure you always have enough of this cream, as clients will be very upset if you dye their eyebrows a strange colour!
  3. Tan extender: most clients will want to extend their tan for as long as possible. Although only some clients will ask for tan extending moisturisers, it’s important that you have some in stock! Clients may get frustrated if you can’t offer them the moisturisers that their tan needs.


So there you have our list of important spray tanning supplies! Now it’s time to get that salon going – spray tans really are the most popular thing this summer!