Using Spray Tanning Guns


June 13th, 2012 by Adore

Sunless tanning is on the rise, being the only smart way to get a tan! Being a massive part of the future, if you haven’t already learnt how to spray tan, it may be time to develop these skills.  Not only can you have a glowing bronze tan all year round, but you can also abstain from the risks of skin cancer and premature aging which are all too common with sun baking. While there are all different methods of sunless tanning, the most effective way to achieve an all-over natural glow is using spray tanning guns. This may sound intimidating at first, however following a few simple steps, you’ll be using a spray tan gun with confidence in no time at all. Here are our top tips to follow:

  1. Pour 2 to 3 ounces of a well-recommended spray tanning solution into the tanning gun cartridge. Ensure that you have securely shut the lid to avoid the solution from dripping.
  2. Adjust the airflow knobs of the spray tan gun. If you desire strong coverage then you should set it to high however if you’d prefer a light coverage then set it to low.  Low is also best for the face.
  3. Set the fan pattern of the gun. Spray tanning guns allow you to set the spray pattern to either horizontal or vertical. It should be turned to horizontal for any larger areas like the back or chest, and should be turned to vertical for narrow areas like the ankles or wrists.
  4. Hold the spray tan gun in a way that you feel comfortable. It’s important that you have a firm grip of the gun so that you can apply the solution evenly without shaking.  You should hold the gun roughly 30-60 cm away from the surface you will be spraying.
  5. Practice on a large piece of cardboard or newspaper. Even if you are an expert, it’s a good idea to test your settings before spraying the skin.
  6. Once the person you are spraying is facing you, begin spraying their torso in horizontal motions. Keep the spray tan gun moving at a constant pace to avoid extra tan accumulating in certain areas.
  7. Once you’ve reached the hips, it’s time to spray their limbs in vertical motions. It’s important that they hold their arms away from their torso to avoid excess tan reaching their body.
  8. Ask the client to hold their breath and spray their face with the spray tan gun set to light. This can be done in three strokes – horizontally over the forehead, vertically from between their eye brows to the chin, and a curving swipe over the left and right sides of the face.
  9. It’s now time for the client to turn around. Use the same rules for the back of their body – horizontal motions for the torso and vertical for the limbs. Also do one long motion down each side of their body while they hold their arms above their head.
  10. Finally, spray the top of both feet and hands by using the spray tan gun in extra light strokes. Allow the tan to dry for at least 5 minutes before getting dressed.

So there you have our top ten tips for applying a spray tan! If you follow these steps and set aside some time for practice, using spray tanning guns will become simple and easy.  Just be sure to practice with the training solutions that you can purchase at as these are free of DHA so that the tan can be washed off immediately.  Now that you’ve read these tips, you’re ready to start browsing through our range and choosing yourself one of our spray tanning guns!