Why We Love a Spray On Tan!


October 17th, 2011 by Adore

A few years ago we would have never considered standing naked in front of a stranger getting tanning solution shot at us from a gun, but today it’s completely normal. From teenagers to nanas – everyone is getting a spray on tan these days. It’s not surprisingly when you consider all the benefits of spray tanning. Here’s what we love about a good spray tan!

  1. You get full coverage. A good spray on tan covers you entire body evenly so there are no “tan lines” or awkward patches. Plus, you can even get your feet, hands, and other awkward areas done.
  2. A spray on tan leaves your skin looking radiant and glowing. You skin looks beautiful and feels silky smooth.
  3. You are completely in control. From the choice of what shade you want and how much you tan, you alone are in complete control of your tan. You couldn’t get that with the sun!
  4. You are able to have a tan no matter where you live or what season it is. No more waiting for sunny weather.
  5. Spray tanning promotes skin health. Before spray tanning, you must exfoliate and moisturise. Both are great for general skin care.
  6. A spray on tan is less messy than tanning lotions. The application creates little to no mess and, as long as you follow directions, your tan will not streak or rub off on clothes as lotions often do.
  7. It looks natural! A good spray tan will appear to be a sun kissed glow and fades slowly so it looks real.
  8. It’s relatively inexpensive. With so many professionals, you can go to any salon to get the best deal or even do it yourself! Materials are reasonably priced so you get truly get the most for your dollar.
  9. You can do it yourself. As long as you’re feeling brave and willing to experiment and practice, you can get that perfect golden glow without even having to step out of your home.
  10. And the best benefit of all, it’s completely harmless. The worst damage a spray on tan can do is streak which is completely preventable. Tanning beds and natural sun tanning, on the other hand, can cause skin damage and cancer – both of which are extremely serious issues. Getting a gorgeous, glowing tan without the dangers of the sun is what we love the most about spray tanning.